What You Need to Know About Revaree and Sex

What You Need to Know About Revaree and Sex

How Does Hyaluronic Acid Work?

Revaree is a simple to use insert that is applied vaginally. “Once the suppository melts, you’re going to get an initial coating that could provide instant relief. And then, as the hyaluronic acid builds up in the tissues, it’ll be able to bind more and more moisture,” says Komorowski. This explains why some women see great results with using it over time.

“Hyaluronic acid works by holding onto water to replenish and maintain moisture. In clinical studies, hyaluronic acid was shown to help maintain a normal acidic pH, maintain the normal cellular architecture seen with estrogen, indonesian cupid 3 and relieve symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy of menopause,” adds Dr. Dweck.

Potential Risks or Side Effects

Hyaluronic acid is generally very safe and effective for most women, unless you have a known sensitivity. “Hyaluronic acid can be used topically in the vagina and has been extensively researched in clinical studies. It has received FDA clearance. This ingredient is well tolerated and incredibly effective for so many women,” says Dr. Dweck. In addition, it’s safe for those who don’t want to use hormones or can’t use them.

First, Revaree is not just a sexual lubricant. “A moisturizer such as Revaree can be used regularly as part of a maintenance program to manage and prevent symptoms related to vaginal dryness. A moisturizer is used regardless of sexual activity. A lubricant, in contrast, is typically used on demand during sexual play to facilitate comfort and pleasure,” says Dr. Dweck.

Revaree should not be used with condoms. “Revaree is not compatible with natural rubber latex, polyurethane, or polyisoprene condoms. As with many vaginal moisturizers, if Revaree comes into contact with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, or polyurethane condoms, it may weaken the integrity of the condom. This incompatibility is thought to be due to the glyceride component in Revaree and not the hyaluronic acid itself.” says Dr. Dweck.

In terms of safety for a male sexual partner, Dr. Dweck says that Revaree is safe. “Unlike topical estrogen products, Revaree is non-estrogenic and has no known adverse effects for male partners.”

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I am now 82 years old and it really helped me to prevent dryness which can lead to infection. I highly recommend it due to the Hyaluronic acid, great for hydration, and lubrication .

I am 50 going through pre menopause . I have tried many store brands and this seems to be the best. Its worth the try i been using for 3 months .

I’m 58 and have been using reveree inserts for about two months now. The lubrication is much better than the Premarin prescription I have been using for over 5 years too many years in my opinion. I was always hoping for something better to come along and this is it. I am off the prescription And off the hormones for good. I feel this is so much safer and healthier alternative. Plus it works better and I enjoy sex more!

I’m 60 and I’ve been using Reveree for about 5 -6 years now and I really like it . I used to use vaginal estrogen (vagisil) and wanted to move away from all estrogen based products when I found this to be especially helpful. I’m so glad.

One of the benefits of using hyaluronic acid is that can be repeatedly used safely when taken as directed. “Vaginal moisturizers, including those made with hyaluronic acid can be used indefinitely. Unlike hot flashes or night sweats, vaginal dryness related to menopause will only persist or worsen with time if not managed regularly. The longer a moisturizer is used, the better the outcome,” says Dr. Dweck. “Estrogen cream is effective and recommended indefinitely; however, that is a hormonal option with associated caveats.” Another added benefit of using an insert like Revaree, is that it’s less messy than gels or products with applicators.

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