74 thoughts on “ Common Sense and ignorance ”

74 thoughts on “ Common Sense and ignorance ”

First common sense .. beware of your chat surroundings people .. who hasn’t been on much ? or hasn’t been on at all ? the maniac duo .. mmm now who is new ? who is causing problems ?

Facts if some 18 yr old is on she is a scammer .. talking of snapchat and making money letting old men see her . and foot fetishes .. yea ok .. she says phrases of a yr old would know .. lets see she doesn’t like naughty

Like this:

Regarding fake names and catfishing unsuspecting folks. Cherry has a few, used a couple to test Canu’s loyalty. He ces she uses, two are men, and one is a similar catfish name of an established catfisher, who has attacked you, Penny, Cherry, Rock and herself to establish credibility. Kitty needs serious help. AOL Gold warns people about her by her fake names. ShyDiana has been scamming men and women as a younger female and doxxing on Wire FB, and AOL Gold for years. She has serious personal issues, a half dozen fake names and has argued with herself in the room under a her disguise names to make it seem that she is not the catfisher. Her lack of height (4? 6? in reality, not 5? at all) and it really bothers her, a huge source of her insecurity. Thosny has posed as a female and gotten men (Bees, for one) to send him nude and semi-nude pics. Willow has a dozen fake names, mostly men. Bitchipoop has a couple too, we followed her into Young Women For Older Men and the constant use of ‘feck’ gave her away in five minutes.

AOL Gal… you sniffing glue over there? What the fuck… Me and Bees have been friends for over 9 years. I have never used a fake profile in my life, you idiot.

And as far as Willow goes, she has not used multiple profiles, although the one that she was using was not real.

Wait what? I thought Meannie was just a nice wholesome young lady….who is simply trying to make a little extra $$ to feed her family. ??..No?…say it aint so blogger. ??

Geez blogger… now you got me wondering if I should have given her my PayPal log-in credentials.? (but i think i should be okay right. ???>?

Can you please explain, Mystic, why you openly just told the chat room that Jules “plagorizes” real authors when her lyrics and poetry are uniquely hers?

I dont usually post twice or much at all in here. but ill make an Exception in this case. For Thosny to lie about meeting Willow, then blame her for lying saying he did it because she told’ him too, is really pathetic. But not as pathetic as a man who posts 40plus pictures of himself and little else but other peoples PMs on his profile shows the charactor of the person he really is. Thosny has been ridiculing me and trying to demean me in a very bullying way for months,every time I mention something that doesnt agree with his herd mentality opinion. even when the conversation doesnt include him. He is a rude arrogant narcissist who evidently trys to feel better about himself by putting others down. Mostly women. Hes done it to Julie on this blog even. people he thinks are his friend’ , (Brunnie) really arent i learned alot about him from her. So if you want to feel sorry for him and attack me, go ahead, im used to it. i dont care. I like myself . I dont need a blog plagorizing other others, like he has; I dont dress up like a rabbit and try to sound like a woman in a creepy video that Brunnie told me about and posted on her blog. Im not here for a popularity contest, i will never join a Team. or be told what to say or who to like. If you want to put me down you dont know the whole story, and you certainly dont know me, but it sure shows me what you are all about. Most of you huddle together and agree on everything and mass flag people you dont like. I feel that if you dont Stand for something you will Fall for Anything. I may not have the popular opinion but at least I have one of my own.

To the few valued friends I do have . they mean more to me than getting as many on my buddy list as I can . as far as my Picture goes. at least it is ME . its noones business when it was taken. if I meet someone they can see one taken yesterday. The rest of you can go on about everyrone elses business. some of you are pros at it (Lash)

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But don’t act like this strong solitary heroine. The reason you don’t have a team or a clique is chiefly because you join whatever freaking side you think will win at any given time and join that side, only to turn on that side when the tide turns.

Let’s start out with my cute little YouTube video, in which I was singing, ” soft kitty warm kitty” for a friend’s daughter. The girl was suffering from leukemia and I did it to brighten her spirits. I don’t owe you or anyone any more of an explanation. Period.

As far as the plagiarism charges you have placed against me. I have never plagiarized anyone but if I did quote a source, I certainly gave them credit for it. Period.

As far as posting pictures of past comments on wire. I have done that a million times with obvious scammers in the past, and have placed them diligently in my ” I should have known ” files for the enjoyment of others to see.

Yes! I’m on your ass like stink on shit because of your preposterous notions and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. Many of your points about this virus are not only dangerous but they’re irresponsible. People are dying and you want to postulate absurd and obscene clips of nonsense. You’re sadly inept and I will remain on your ass in chat when you try to pass along this type of bullshit to others.

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Fortunately for you I work for a company that is trying their hardest to make sure that even morons such as you have the latest and greatest and most up-to-date information on Covid 19. One can only imagine how infuriating it is when I have to come into a chat room and see the type of blithering, idiotic, bombastic, moronic statements that you made about this whole pandemic.

Fit.. get a clue i didnt mean julie. and we can all use a dictionary. learn to read and discern

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